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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Associated Clinic Of Psychology

November 17, 2022    0 COMMENTS


Most people assume the associated clinic of psychology is just like any other psychologist, but youโ€™d be surprised to find out there are quite a few things that separate them from the rest. In this article, weโ€™ll go over 5 common myths surrounding the associated psychology clinic and reveal the truth behind each.

1) The Associated Clinic of Psychology is located in Toronto, Canada

The Associated Clinic of Psychology is a private, not-for-profit psychological service provider. It is located in Toronto, Canada. The organization’s practitioners have backgrounds in psychiatry, clinical psychology and counseling.

They provide services for children, adolescents and adults with various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or addiction problems. The Associates work on various therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy and solution-focused brief therapy.

2) The Associated Clinic of Psychology Offers Several Psychotherapy Services

ย According to its website, The Associated Clinic of Psychology offers several psychotherapy services. For example, it provides family therapy and couples therapy. In addition, it offers treatment for substance abuse problems and eating disorders. It also provides addiction counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The clinic treats children as young as six who may struggle with various mental health issues, such as eating disorders and mood or anxiety disorders. All practitioners are trained in clinical psychology but must also maintain their practicing licenses through continuing education credits obtained from approved educational programs that professional colleges or private vendors offer.

Clinic Of Psychology

3) The Clinic Offers a Variety of Services

The Associated Clinic of Psychology is a non-profit, private mental health service organization. The clinic offers various services, including counseling, therapy, and psychological assessments. It was established in 1894 and assisted children and adults with various issues. To be eligible for services from the Associated Clinic of Psychology, one must be eighteen.

 Services include individual, group, and family counseling. Therapy is available for various issues, including anxiety and depression. The Associated Clinic of Psychology also offers psychological assessments, including cognitive behavior therapy and neuropsychological testing. These evaluations may help determine whether further treatment or medication is needed to address oneโ€™s concerns.

4) The Clinic Has a Team of Experienced and Qualified

The Associated Clinic of Psychology offers various services, including psychotherapy and psychological assessment. Their team is made up of experienced and qualified psychologists who are dedicated to helping their clients.

The APC’s mission is to provide high-quality care that is comprehensive and affordable, offering a range of services through a collaborative model.

To learn more about the Associated Clinic’s services and how they can help you or your loved one recover from depression or anxiety, visit their website today

ย What to expect when getting professional help from a psychologist? To begin with, you need to have an appointment at The Associated Clinic of Psychology. Extinction psychologyย is an emerging branch of psychology that focuses on the relationships between extinction and avoidance.

5) The Clinic Offers a Free Initial Consultation to All New Clients

The Associated Clinic of Psychology is a leading provider of mental health services in suburban Chicago. They offer expertise in various fields, including ADHD, anxiety and depression. This includes both psychotherapy and medication management.

The Associated Clinic offers a free initial consultation to all new clients, giving them time to speak with an experienced clinician who will assess their needs and provide personalized advice on how they can get their life back on track. Clients are offered treatment tailored to their specific issues and goals by clinicians who are highly trained in their field.

6) Psychology is Passionate About Helping Clients

The staff at The Associated Clinic of Psychology is passionate about helping clients overcome challenges. They will work with each individual to find treatment solutions that work best for them, whether medication management or psychotherapy sessions.

Clinic Of Psychology

Clients who visit The Associated Clinic often comment on how helpful their staff is and how impressed they are with their care. This family-run business has been in operation since 1980 and continues to build a reputation as one of Chicagoโ€™s premier clinics for mental health services.

Over 30 years serving families in Chicago land: The Associated Clinic has been helping families get their lives back on track since 1980 when David Bannister opened its doors in Orland Park, Illinois.

7) Providing The Highest Quality of Care to Its Clients

The Clinic of Psychology is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of care. To do this, they provide several services that meet different needs and work with a range of diagnoses, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse.


These treatments are effective in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. The clinic is also dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness through education, training, and support groups. ย The services offered by The Associated Clinic of Psychology are designed to reduce

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